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About Alissar

Alissar has spent 20 years driving a successful business and buying, selling, developing, and renovating properties. She is an esteemed negotiator and her passion for real estate is second to none.

A buyer’s agent is all about helping you focus on what you really want and need, helping you uncover hidden gems or take a property off the market with a savvy negotiation strategy.

“I really do know and love real estate. Experience has shown me that everyday buyers miss a lot of purchasing opportunities simply because they don’t really have the time to constantly hunt down agents and their latest offerings. A lot of the time they rely on selling agents to ‘be on the lookout for them’ but essentially, the selling agent represents the seller. As a buyer’s agent I’m on your side representing you, the buyer, providing you with invaluable support and advice while helping you find the best property at the most suitable price”.

As an experienced property buyer Alissar can help by doing the hunting for you! Whether it’s sourcing the latest properties on the market or hunting down properties that are ‘off market’, you can be confident Alissar will uncover the best possible options to fit your buying criteria.

“It would be my absolute pleasure to help you find your dream home, your next property investment or even your new holiday home”


Alissar is a force you definitely want on your side!

Alissar has been the greatest help & comrade in acquiring my first home. Going at this alone has been daunting & exhausting, let alone trying to compete in a crazy housing market. After 8+ months of chasing, I acknowledged I needed a helping hand, expertise & energy which I didn't have.

Working with Alissar has been the pivotal point for me that has gotten me from defeated home hunter to happy soon to be home owner. Alissar not only listened, she helped me discover what I really wanted whilst being truly compassionate, supportive & most importantly real.

Alissars tenure, expertise & pure passion for the industry has been obvious from day 1. So has the fact that she's on my side which has given me so much confidence & comfort throughout the process.

Thanks to her knowledge, honesty & decision deriving abilities - I have successfully acquired a property that is in line with my needs & also a great decision for my future. For that I'm excited & super thankful!

I would highly recommend Alissar as an aide for anyone embarking on the property journey as she's a force you'd definitely want on your side!
- Anna Hua

Alissar is a star performer

You’re a star performer Alissar! Recently your extensive knowledge of the market, mixed with practicality, energy and focus helped me hone my choices no end. You deserve every success!
- Murray Coller
Mobile: 0419971742
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