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The 10 most popular interior trends we saw in 2020

Written by Ashley Blake
Considering this year saw the vast majority of us housebound for most it, there’s little wonder many of the trends we saw were geared towards staying in and getting comfortable. Ahead, the top 10 interiors trends we saw in 2020, as well as the ones we’ll see stick around. Eco-friendly everything Dubbed “The Game Changer” by trend forecaster Victoria Redshaw, of Scarlet Opus, at the 2019 Decor and Design fair, this trend has seen a shift towards using recycled materials and waste product in new and innovative ways. While Pinterest reported a rise in search terms such as ‘ocean trash art’ and ‘thrifted décor’ in the lead up to 2020, the year itself saw design initiative Supercyclers celebrate 10 years of making waste beautiful, online stores such as Little Pepino launch to help make sustainable living easy and furniture designer Bethan Gray’s iridescent furniture collaboration with surface specialist Nature Squared (using materials from the seafood and farming industries) took centre stage. Our prediction? This is a trend that’s just getting started. Global influence Another prediction from trend forecaster Redhsaw was “fellowship”, a bright and colourful look all about celebrating cultural diversity and global design. On a small scale it looked like coloured glassware, patterned serveware, and the iconic Assouline coffee table books. For the more daring, it was swathes of wallpaper and coloured feature walls. While it may not have the staying power of other styles, for the colour-lovers among us, this look will never get old. The home office Not even the most forward-thinkers could’ve foreseen how important the home office would become in 2020, though it was already on the rise in 2019 when research from both Houzz and Pinterest showed a jump in searches for “study nooks” and “home hubs” across their platforms. A global pandemic certainly fuelled demand and, as technology and internet speeds continue to advance, this one is here to stay as people opt to continue working from home. Return of the stone age The travertine table was everywhere this year and, given its ability to make a sculptural style statement while remaining neutral, it’s no surprise. “Bold shapes, tempered glass and heavy stone pieces from the ’80s and ’90s have started to be scooped up from every corner of the internet and the look has exploded on the interiors scene,” says interiors expert Jono Fleming. “Now brands like En Gold and Curated Spaces are going from reselling old pieces to redesigning these items and giving them a fresh, modern take. Trends are always cyclical and this is one of the greatest examples of things coming around again but with an updated environment.” Curves In a reprieve from hard lines and straight edges, curves and arches have made waves across Australian design and architecture this year. “And, there’s no sign of it slowing down,” says Fleming. “Almost every new house build incorporates arches of some sort, and what this delivers is a more welcoming, softer interior space,” he says. From curved walls and rounded kitchen islands to ball-shaped furniture feet and circular armchairs, this warm and inviting look as exactly what we needed in 2020. Cottagecore It’s social media-led origins may be the antithesis of its intention, but cottagecore is synonymous with slow living. “This year there was a focus on making our homes cosy and a place of comfort and sanctuary. We started to have more dinners at home, people were making sourdough, it was all about creature comforts and the rise of the cottage core aesthetic took hold,” says Fleming. “There’s an emphasis on a more rustic, country feel. Smaller vintage floral patterns, laced edges, enamelware and soft pastel colours.” We also saw the release of books such as Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton and The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living by Mary E. Kingsley – titles which champion the local, organic and simple. Handmade tales From ceramics and woven baskets to one-off furniture pieces, the best thing about this trend is the spotlight it’s shining on conscious shopping, supporting small businesses and buying authentic pieces. A shift away from the mass-made lookalikes, it’s all about having or creating a connection to the maker – think locavore for homewares. Earthy hues The January instalment of French design Fair Maison Et Objet was one of the only industry events to go ahead in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak which took hold shortly after. It was there in Paris that we got our first glimpse of this heavenly palette that heroes dusty blush and calming neutral tones. “Our love of earthy tones is from being drawn to create a calming and serene space to live in,” says Eve Gunson, founder of Dot and Pop interiors. “What started out as a homewares and decor trend (think cushions and vases) has now evolved into tiles, paint, light fittings and furniture – therefore cementing its status as a style to stick around.” 50 shades of green A palette inspired by nature was always going to be big in 2020, with both Dulux and Wattyl predicting the look in their 2020 trend forecasts. Textiles, furniture finishes and artworks come together to layer different tones and shades of green, while the humble houseplant has evolved into a trend of its own. “We’re now using climbing plants to cover walls, planter boxes on fences and rooftops to cascade down over buildings and let’s not forget about the much loved ‘green wall’ which packs a punch of personality into interiors or exteriors,” says Gunson. OTT textures Our desire to be connected to nature extends beyond paint colours and has influenced our choice in finishes and surfaces. “The use of natural materials as interior and exterior features has been a significant trend of 2020 and will only continue to grow within the building and renovation world,” says Gunson. “Designing homes and spaces that feel connected to nature, fit within their environments and have a sense of tranquillity is a must for so many us.” Source - Image - Armelle Habib

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